Refer a Client

Refer a Client

Passing on is worthwhile: Recommend us to your family, friends and acquaintances and get a 50 Euros credit. With this fee bonus you trade in your depot in a relaxed manner. Please note that such fee bonus cannot be transferred to other depot accounts.

How exactly works a recommendation and credit allocation?

1. Schritt: Sie empfehlen uns und der Geworbene eröffnet ganz normal ein Depot bei uns. Nach der ersten Kapitalisierung senden Sie an unseren Support eine E-Mail mit dem Hinweis, dass Sie den Kunden " Name des Geworbenen" geworben haben.

2nd Step: Our Support Team deposits a credit of an amount of EUR 50 in your depot. If you do a trade starting from this moment and you pay a fee of e.g. EUR 4.29, this fee will be credited to your depot account afterwards

If you have any queries about our customers-recruit-customers promotion, please send an E-mail to our Support Team.